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Metameric massage

Many articles have already been written about the undoubted massage benefits, and it has long been known that this is one of healing means, along with sports and nutrition. Massage helps to recover from stress quickly and avoid diseases associated with constant nervous tension, relieves pain points, and relaxes tense muscles. It also reduces anxiety, normalizes the blocked energy flow, enhances the immune system functions, and restores a sense of calm and well-being. This is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

In the "Bersenev's Medical Center" our patients have the opportunity to undergo a course of specific massage, METAMERIC ACUPRESSURE, which affects directly the nerve trunks, spinal ganglia, trigger points, and the main reflexogenic zones of the compromised metamer.

The acupressure had originated in ancient times in the eastern countries. Even the ancient doctors had discovered the local points on human body, which were described and systematized in the certain lines, channels and meridians. They had also described the functional interrelation between the points and the body organs and systems. These points were affected by the sharp stones, needles, wormwood cigarettes, through the finger pressure; a various kinds of wands, instruments and devices from different materials - ebonite, fluoroplastic, metal (steel, copper, gold, silver, titanium) were used at a later stage.

Depending on the local point technique, the method may be stimulating or sedative. For example, with a muscle tone increase, with contractures, spastic paralysis, cerebral palsy, as well as with the muscular pain, the “inhibitory”, “sedative” method of acupressure is used. With reduced tone, muscle atrophy, neuritis of individual major trunks, paresis, a “stimulating” (tonic, stimulating) acupressure technique is used.

Acupressure has a positive effect on the various organs functions and systems: it soothes or stimulates the nervous system, increases blood circulation, improves the tissues nutrition, regulates the endocrine glands activity, relieves pain, and reduces muscle tension. Separation of acupressure on neurotruncular, perivascular, sclerozone, muscular, etc. – is somewhat relative. During the nerve trunk massage, for example, the receptor fields of vessels, muscles, and periosteum occur simultaneously, as a result of which somatic and vegetative ganglia affect the various body functions.

During the massage, when pressing on the active points, the patient may experience a feeling of aches, tearing, “crawling”, numbness, slight pain, all this is accompanied by a feeling of warmth and ease.

Metameric acupressure is a unique and even more advanced technique of acupressure massage, taking into account all the laws of neurometameric body innervation.

This kind of massage is included into the complex method of metameric treatment; it is an obligatory part of the treatment program, complementing the effect of metameric injections

The method of metameric acupressure, which is developed by V.A. Bersenev, is theoretically substantiated by numerous scientific works, and the effectiveness of this method is confirmed by many years of practice.

The massage therapists, who work in "Bersenev's Medical Center", have previously trained this type of massage; they also have an extensive experience of working with patients of the neurological profile.

Metameric acupressure is carried out only as prescribed by the attending physician and in the absence of contraindications.

To make an appointment for a consultation or a treatment session, please, call (044) 238-22-31 (call centre). The booking is carried out by previous appointment.

Entrust your body to qualified and experienced massage therapists and get the maximum result from the procedure at the “Bersenev’s Medical Center”!

Cost of treatment with additional services
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Full body metameric massage (metameric acupressure), duration 60 min
Metameric back massage (metameric acupressure), duration 30 min
Metameric legs massage (metameric acupressure), duration 40 min
Metameric collar and head zones massage (metameric acupressure), duration 30 min
Metameric arms massage (metameric acupressure), duration 20 min
Metameric head massage (metameric acupressure), duration 15 min
Our staff
Oleksandr Shevchuk

Oleksandr Shevchuk

Massage therapist
Stanislav Kurtosmanov

Stanislav Kurtosmanov

Massage therapist
Marharyta Momotiuk

Marharyta Momotiuk

Massage therapist,
second level certificate nurse
Дополнительные услуги
Speech therapist appointment

A speech is a reflection of thinking; it is a system. If there are problems with oral speech, then there will be difficulties with the thoughts formation, the ability to analyse, speculate, build logic chains, and also there will be some difficulties with reading and writing. A violation in one speech link is enough to make the whole system start to function incorrectly.

Psychologist consultation is your chance to change your life for the better


The spine, keeping the whole skeleton in an upright position, is the core of both the whole organism and our Personality.

Family physician appointment

At the “Bersenev’s Medical Center” all patients can get a qualified individual consultation of the family physician Petlytska Victoria Vitaliivna, a specialist with decades of experience in this field.

Victoria Vitaliivna had gotten a special multi-field speciality training of “family medicine”.

Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy (intravenous administration of solutions of various drugs into the body) is currently one of the most important medical measures aimed to solve a wide range of medical problems. This method of treatment exists since the 30s of the XIX century.

This method of treatment allows you to achieve a rapid therapeutic effect, as the medicine enters directly into the bloodstream, and also allows you to control its action more effectively.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is the imposition and fixation of special elastic bands on the child’s skin for several days in order to provide physiological movements of the joints and muscles, activating the processes of recovery and movement control. Kinesio tapes are elastic cotton tapes coated with an acrylic-based hypoallergenic adhesive gel.

Orthoses Making

В нашем Медицинском Центре Вы можете получить изготовить индивидуальные ОРТЕЗЫ из термопластичного низкотемпературного материала.

Ортезы — это специальные ортопедические приспособления, предназначенные для коррекции, стабилизации и компенсации нарушений опорно-двигательной системы. Ортезы обеспечивают защиту и разгрузку суставов, создавая для них внешнюю поддержку. Ортезы -незаменимые помощники в лечении и реабилитации.

Corrective insoles making

Neuropsychology arose at the intersection of medicine and psychology. This is a section of psychology that studies the brain organization of mental processes: attention, memory, perception, speech, motor skills, thinking, and emotional responses.

Metameric speech apparatus massage

Массаж артикуляционного аппарата или логопедический массаж — это метод механического воздействия, который изменяет  состояние мышц, нервов, кровеносных сосудов и тканей речевого аппарата.

Doctor Bersenev explains
Double hemiplegia as a form of cerebral palsy
Double hemiplegia as a form of cerebral palsy
Double hemiplegia is the rarest form of cerebral palsy. It occurs in 1.9% of patients. The most common form is spastic diplegia. Usually, motor function is affected, in some children intellectual abilities may suffer as well.
Hemiparetic cerebral palsy
Hemiparetic cerebral palsy
Hemiparetic cerebral palsy is one of the most common forms of cerebral palsy. This condition arises due to abnormal fetal development, which leads to brain damage.
Atonic-astatic form of cerebral palsy
Atonic-astatic form of cerebral palsy
This form of cerebral palsy has several names: atonic, atonic-astatic, ataxic. Along with double hemiplegia, it is one of the rarest and most difficult forms of treatment.
Cerebral palsy: spastic diplegia
Cerebral palsy: spastic diplegia
Spastic diplegia is the most common form of cerebral palsy. It is diagnosed in 40% of patients, mainly in babies born prematurely. Disorders of the arms and legs are most characteristic of the disease, that is, tetraparesis is observed, but the legs suffer more than the hands
Knee joint arthrosis
Knee joint arthrosis
Knee joint arthrosis is a disease in which all joint elements suffer, but the most affected is a cartilage. This type of arthrosis is the most common disease. Another name for this is gonarthrosis.
Constant Fatigue: Causes and Solutions
Constant Fatigue: Causes and Solutions
Many women (especially aged) trat chronic fatigue safely, saying, it’s a normal, common situation. So it is in some cases. For example, if a person goes in physical labor.

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